Pa Code Training is a new service developed by Pa Certified Inspectors Inc. PCI is proud to introduce a new on-line training option to assist Certified Pa UCC Inspectors and Building Code Officials manage their continuing education requirements.

The world around us changed a lot this past year. Gone are the days of getting together for live, in person training. The International Code Council and the Pa Construction Code Academy now offer on-line Webinars. That’s great… no driving, but they set the schedule.

All of us recognize the need for continuing education… however, it’s not always easy to commit the time to training during your busy work schedule. Pa Code Training can offer you training anywhere you have your computer… at the office or at home. On your time… You set the schedule… no rush to get it done. no time constraints… you work at your pace… Stop and start when you choose.

Pa Code Training also realizes the costs to an employer, Municipality or the individual to maintain one’s certifications. Taking time off from work, travel expenses and lost income can be major reasons to put off getting your required continuing education credits. An estimated cost of $100 – $150 per continuing education unit is not uncommon.

Our cost can be as little as $15 per CEU and no interruption to your busy work schedule.

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